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A Guide For Smoothly Working Rollers and Hinges

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A Guide For Smoothly Working Rollers and Hinges

Smoothly Working Rollers and Hinges | Garage Door Repair Casselberry, FL

The hinges and the rollers are among the smallest parts of your garage door system, but they have very important roles. Keeping these components in a good condition is absolutely vital, and we want to help you learn what you can do to reduce their wear and tear.

The Right Choice of Rollers

You should make it a point to assess the quality of these components, and all the other hardware parts before scheduling a new garage door installation. Making sure your new rollers will be of a great quality is very important, as it will contribute to the durability of the door. When it comes to the rollers, you have two options which you need to consider very carefully. The traditional ones have steel stems and wheels. These tend to be somewhat noisy as friction occurs between them and the tracks while they move along them. They also require lubrication to continue to work smoothly, produce less noise and last longer. Nylon rollers, on the other hand, have steel stems and nylon wheels. They are naturally quieter and don’t have to be lubricated to work properly. Their drawback is that they are typically less durable compared to their steel wheeled counterparts. This means that they won't last as long, and will break or wear out more easily.

Proper Hinge Maintenance

Usually, garage door hinges are made from galvanized steel. But what really makes some stronger and more durable than others? This would be the thickness of the metal. Heavy-duty steel hinges are less likely to get bent and have a lower rate of wearing out. Remember to apply this rule when choosing tracks too. The thicker they are the lower the risk of bending and breaking will be. Of course, they must match the dimensions of your door, so it's important that you consult with our experts first.

Regular Maintenance and Eliminating Problems

If you have steel garage door rollers, you need to lubricate them at least once a year. Make sure that you have properly cleaned the tracks beforehand. Otherwise, you will get accumulations of sticky dirt which will obstruct the movement of the door. The choice of lubricant is extremely important too. A light lithium-based spray is usually the best choice, as lithium-based products are not affected by temperature fluctuations. Be sure to consult your owner's manual to make sure you're only using a substance that your door manufacturer signed off on. The easiest way to lubricate the rollers perfectly is to spray a small amount of the product on every wheel while the door is motionless, and then open and close it a few times to make sure it gets everywhere. The barrels of the hinges will require some lubrication as well. Don’t overdo it, though. If you have applied more of the product by accident, wipe the surface and the surrounding areas clean.

Additional Checks To Perform

Both rollers and hinges require careful inspection for damages in addition to lubrication. Check the rollers for twisted stems and for worn wheels. In any of these cases, replacing them will make the door run more smoothly and quietly. Bent hinges should be repaired straight away. Otherwise, they can break within a very short time. If their barrels are oval rather than round, this indicates wearing. All worn parts should be replaced as soon as possible. Give our team at Garage Door Repair Casselberry a call to have our technicians take care of these components for you.


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